Big Savings For Loan Re-financers

Borrowers in Australia are refinancing their mortgages at record rates as repayments become more expensive. Before making the switch, experts suggest that borrowers contact their current lender to negotiate a better rate. An analysis by RateCity showed that a borrower with a $1 million mortgage could save $29,800 over three years if they got a […]

Borrowers Want Loyalty Rewarded

Mortgage Choice research reveals that many Australian borrowers feel undervalued by their lenders and will consider switching to a new lender if their loyalty isn’t rewarded. The research indicates that 52% know they aren’t receiving the best interest rate offered by their lender or they aren’t sure they’re receiving the best rate available.   Mortgage Choice […]

Refinancing Hits Record High

A record $13.4 billion worth of mortgages held by owner-occupiers were refinanced in November as homeowners sought better deals amid interest rate rises. ABS data shows the value of owner-occupier refinancing rose 9.1% in November. “More borrowers switched lenders for lower interest rates as the RBA’s cash rate target continued to rise,” says the ABS’ […]

Investors Tipped To Buy in 2023

Investors are likely to re-enter the market in 2023, according to industry analysts. With most of the rate rises behind us, plus lower prices, high rents, tight vacancies and the return of migration, the market has the essentials to attract investors. “Maybe we won’t see them in as high numbers as in the past just […]

Buyer Priorities Are Changing

Homebuyer demands are continuing to evolve as Australia emerges from the long period of Covid lockdowns. Developer Mirvac’s latest customer survey reveals the top priority of many homebuyers is the location rather than the house. They survey finds that 70% of homeowners had as their top priority being within walking distance of parks and playgrounds. […]

300+ Suburbs Hit $1mil Median

300+ Suburbs Hit $1mil Median An additional 311 Australian suburbs now have median house prices of $1 million or more, with Sydney and regional NSW accounting for the largest number of new entrants. CoreLogic data shows that between May and December 2021, 38% more suburbs recorded a median price of $1 million or more. In […]