More Banks Offering Cash Back Deals


Cash Back Updates – Mortgage Refinance Banks are continuing to offer borrowers cashback deals in an effort to lure larger market share. According to analysis by industry leaders there are now 12 banks offering $4,000 cash back on a $500,000 loan. Ubank is offering up to $6,000, ANZ up to $4,000, CBA and NAB $2,000, […]

How to Choose a Mortgage Broker

how to choose a mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers are professional financial specialists who assist borrowers in obtaining a home loan. They work with multiple lenders to find the best mortgage product that fits the borrower’s specific financial needs and goals. This could be anything from first home buyer loans to mortgage refinance and property investment loans.  Mortgage brokers act as the […]

Big Savings For Loan Re-financers

Borrowers in Australia are refinancing their mortgages at record rates as repayments become more expensive. Before making the switch, experts suggest that borrowers contact their current lender to negotiate a better rate. An analysis by RateCity showed that a borrower with a $1 million mortgage could save $29,800 over three years if they got a […]

Borrowers Want Loyalty Rewarded

Mortgage Choice research reveals that many Australian borrowers feel undervalued by their lenders and will consider switching to a new lender if their loyalty isn’t rewarded. The research indicates that 52% know they aren’t receiving the best interest rate offered by their lender or they aren’t sure they’re receiving the best rate available.   Mortgage Choice […]